Elkhound rescue



Rescue is one of our ways of supporting this wonderful breed. Whether we need to "re-home" a dog, or work with the owner to help resolve issues, our goal is to have a dog who is everything it can be to the family who loves it.

A dog may be place in rescue for many reasons, rarely is it the dog's fault. Sometimes there just isn't anything the people can do, except try to find a good home for their friend and companion.

Some of the common excuses we have heard:

  • The kid went to collage
  • I got married,
  • he/she hates dogs
  • We're moving and can't take him/her
  • The owner died of a heart attack
  • We have a new baby
  • don't have time for it

Consider the intensive lifestyle, expense, and time involved in raising and training a young puppy.
If you feel that an older dog... already housebroken with some training and needing continued love and attention as a special family member
is something you'd consider, then maybe adopting a Norwegian Elkhound is for you.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a dog, please contact us at Rescue@neanc.net

Or fill out the form on the right.

A Rescue Dog:

  • Most likely not a Puppy
  • Most rescue dogs are over a year old
  • Less expensive than a Puppy
  • The NEANC Rescue fee is $75.00*
  • is neutered as soon as it enters rescue.
  • is a friend
  • is an animal who needs your love and care.
  • is not somebody else's problem

*Our costs include:

  1. vet visits
  2. immunizations
  3. neutering
  4. transportation

Donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Norwegian Elkhound Rescue Contacts

NEANC Rescue (ROAG) 
Norwegian Elkhound Club of Northern California
Rescue Coordinator (Rescue@NEANC.net)

NESSC Rescue (ROG) 
Sacramento-Sierra Norwegian Elkhound Club
Sue Green (seg1seg@aol.com)

Norwegian Elkhound Rescue (National) (R) 
Pam McNamara (rescue@jnmrf.org)